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Golf Psychology
The Winning Mindset
Golf is a complicated game, when you let your mind take over! The skills are easy to execute, however, the game can become difficult to master by putting unwarranted pressure on yourself to hit the ball well, every time.
Recently, Golf Digest did a survey and the #1 complaint was that golfers could not take their best swings (game) from the range to the golf course. The reason for this is not having a solid mental game.
When you have a solid mental game, you will play your best under pressure! This is also true for any life or business situation as well.
This program will cover the five factors that affect your mental game and how to master them.
  • Awareness

  • Anxiety

  • Confidence

  • Concentration

  • Motivation

  • Master the mental game
  • Significantly lower your golf scores
  • Consistently shoot better scores
  • Improve your performance in business, family, relationships
  • Reduce stress with a new perspective
What They Are Saying?
As an educator, I know the value of feedback. Yesterday, not only did I shoot a 90 at South Shore, it was only the first time I was able to use/practice what you showed me and I can see better progress
in the future.
So, thanks a million! - Jeff Fagen
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