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Our Team

Christine Cipriano
Certified USGTF Golf Teaching Professional Level III
Certified USGTF Golf Psychology Expert
Certified USGTF Golf Fitness Coach
Certified Professional Life Coach
Licensed Massage Therapist
Licensed Practical Nurse
Best Selling Author
For many years, women golfers were heard saying, “The hardest lesson was not to play golf, but to co-exist with men on the golf course”. This certainly does not apply to Christine. In fact she has been a pioneer for women since her early teens.
She dared to be different and break stereotypes, Christine has been opening doors and helping women, realize and believe, they have, equal standing and opportunity, on the golf course of life, and to stand proudly in their innate gifts and value. She stood out, became indelible, has earned the respect of the players and has championed her success on and off the course.
Through the synergy of Christine’s creative spirit and her diverse professional credentials, her Golf Empowerment and on-site Corporate Golf Wellness programs provide physical and financial fitness solutions for corporations, small businesses and entrepreneurs.
Ferlinda "Ferlie" Almonte
Global Resilience Leader
Keynote Speaker
Motivational EDUtainer
Certified Image Consultant
Confidence & Public Speaking Trainer
Red Carpet Media Host
Master of Ceremonies (Emcee)
International Best Selling Author
When life knocked the wind out of her sails, pulled the rug from under her feet, and brought disappointments, pain and heartache, Ferlie Almonte often remembered what her wise Filipino mother used to say... "Nothing destroys iron but its own corrosion." 
For Ferlie Almonte, life's curve balls came in the form of a stressful divorce ending her first marriage, life-threatening exposure to lung-damaging chemicals, the tragic loss of her spouse to pancreatic cancer just months after their wedding day, and was topped off by sudden layoff leading to the foreclosure of her home.
Today, Ferlie continues to take her power from her life experiences, the good and the bad, and use her specialized training to put that incredible power into the hearts of thousands across the globe through her Comprehensive Holistic Personal and Corporate Resilience Programs. Ferlie Almonte is the CEO of Ferlilicious Enterprises, LLC. Her company provides Personal Transformation Products and Services. Under this enterprise, Ferlie is also the Designer and Creative Director of RESILIENCE by Ferlie Inspirational Jewelry and Apparel.
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